Homeowners, more and more, are using door hardware to make a statement about their home. Pinellas Park Locksmith can help you make a great first impression, starting at the front door and continuing throughout the house, while offering the best security a homeowner can buy.


We repair and replace all automobiles, cars, trucks or RV keys. We do emergency opening of doors and trunks. Our locksmiths, specializing in, fast lock out services, replace or repair lost and broken keys, we do key cutting services for all makes and models on site.


Pinellas Park Locksmith has been providing innovative security solutions for schools, hospitals, hotels, condominiums and a host of other commercial companies. Today, Pinellas Park Locksmith is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology such as biometrics and high security locks.


Pinellas Park Locksmith is an end-to-end provider of industrial locksmith services. We offer a complete and comprehensive array of security solutions fo r all types of businesses; whether it is an entire corporate offices building or a small store front, we do it all.

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